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Do you want to find the best self-taught gyms in Tulsa then what you want to do to find the best self-help gyms in Tulsa is just go right down to our 71st Street location at 20:21 East 71st at JCC fitness the Charles Shusterman Jewish community center where we are open Monday to Thursday 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday 6:30 to 5:00 p.m. Saturday noon to 5:00 and Sunday 9:00 to 5:00 you can come to your workout in any one of those times there. We’d be happy to do that for you. Now you can also e-mail us here at H W are at Jewish Tulsa dot org and they’d be more than happy to talk to you here that will go to the health and wellness director Amy Underwood who is great for answering any questions that you may have about the program. Find the best south Tulsa gyms in Tulsa. Now you can do a group fitness thing here with mix and match classes to challenge new muscles and stay motivated while building stamina strength and energy. And it kind of makes staying fit and keeping in shape fun you know. So the classes include. Spinning class tricks class water aerobics martial arts cardio kickboxing circuit training a exercise boot camp and many many more so please come and check out some of the awesome group fitness activities that they have here at JCC. Find the best south Tulsa gyms in Tulsa. Any time you are wanting to find the best south Tulsa gyms in Tulsa. So. You could also try our free pool. We have a twenty five thousand square foot state of the art fitness equipment facility with cardio machines personal TVs free weights and strength training equipment.
You can get a look at those complete facilities by going to the Web site and seeing that we have the fitness center men’s and women’s locker room whirlpool sauna steam rooms massage therapist squash and racquetball courts. Jeanette Altman Friedan’s Sports Complex center with walking track and much more so Come check us out right here at Charles Shusterman Jewish community center at 9 8 9 1 8 4 9 5 11 11.