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Are you looking for to find the top rated gym in South Tulsa. Well look no further because the top rate to find the top rated gym in Tulsa because it is right here at the Charles Shusterman Jewish community center where we have a great fitness program with a free pool group fitness complete facilities professional staff on on hand that can help you make smart exercise programs and get beyond a stubborn plateau. Break out of a fitness rut or simply just re-energize your workout. They’re right there they are certified and maintain those certifications and personal training as well as massage therapy so they’re able to do a lot. A wide variety of information for you do it ask any questions you may have while you’re working out so great place to do it at. Great group of people around you. They also have online here if you want to go to the JCC dot org. They have a comprehensive schedule that shows a breakdown of all the different programs they offer there at the community center whether it be aqua aerobics muscular endurance TMX core and conditioning T-Rex. Circuit training fitness mix Burnand sculpt class stretching and aerobics T-Rex boot camp cardio kickboxing or spin class. So any one of those sounds appealing to you. Please go on the Web site right now and see why we are number one in the area why everyone’s loving our facility. You can also go down and kind of meet the trainers has a series of Q&A here. For those trainers such as What do you like most about working with members our members are the best.
They come in all ages and fitness levels so they keep me on my toes also they are all very kind and have made my time here at JCC quite enjoyable. So you know from somebody who loves. Helping other people and you know has somewhat of a sense of humor as well. He asked about a diet she said diet it has such a negative feeling I prefer to encourage a healthy lifestyle and avoid processed and packaged food and keep moving but not to over indulge in trying to diet so fun comprehensive coaches that are well-trained and able to help you get on down to where anyone can join and everyone belongs right here at JCC at the JCC Jewish community center in Tulsa on 20:21 74 street.