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If you know someone who is a desire to find the top rated gym in South Tulsa and talk about us at the Charles Shusterman you is going to center. We want them to discover us and become part of our crew today is calling 918-495-1111 book your next event here with us. We love to have you as a Jewish media Center will taste your fitness the best in that level will take you to the next level with your fitness goals. So if you know someone who want to find it for top-rated gym in South Tulsa, to us today. We want to show them our gym and how will help them grow their fitness goals today.

You can come to us today for a friendly, welcoming staff that has a professional can demonstrate experience incredible things with you and I hope you experience those things can route of operations were located 2021 E. 71st St., Tulsa, OK 74136 with the fruit of us call today as well. Number is 918-495-1111 inch of your hours of operation online. There are subject to change, and we want to make sure that you come in with its open so give us call our fitness center boasts a 2500 square-foot city.

Our fitness women and as cardio machines TV free weights and strength training equipment part of the civilian when you do a love working with a single of becoming part of our team here to learn more about us, and part of our team. We of group fitness, complete fitness and not complete. Facilities gymnasium dance aerobics, it is her second to none. Our professional staff to help you recent experts hold of your fitness career. This can help you get past that point. Tulsa Center help you a lot in your fitness goals.

Come to us today, online. You can check out our schedule for classes.
Different classes a golf club aerobics been TRX bootcamp TRX circuit training, stretching and aerobic so many more classes that are absolutely amazing, there are help you reach your fitness goals. We are the Charles Shusterman Jewish be center want to help you today. We want to check us out on Facebook them yell, twitter want you to discover us, and be impressed, will he can do for you. He can meet our trainers online coach Stephanie.

Have fitness goals. Whether the directors as working out. We love to help you, so make sure you come to our beautiful facility today. Your doctor may recommend to our beautiful facility go and look at our face recurrence grammar, Google, and I you love partnering with us. We beautiful website put up. You can go check out. We are the Charles Shusterman Jewish be center that you check that we can do for you with our massage therapist or whirlpool saunas and steam rooms are men’s and women’s locker rooms and a fitness center that is actually an comparable need to check it out today. We will help you will tell your story with. They were came from wizard make 81. We want to continue to provide incredible quality to the areas, so they won’t go to, when you want to find the top rated gym in South Tulsa.