Jewish Fitness Center Tulsa | Your New Hobbies

Anytime you’re looking for Jewish fitness center Tulsa. You’re going to want to go right down to the. Charles Shusterman Jewish community center because they have a great set of. Things for you to do there you can do anything from go to the soccer magic camp Camp shalom or any check out any of the school’s out programs. Now the soccer magic this year is held at the beautiful Jannette Aultman Frieden Sports Complex now in its 26 year soccer magic is committed to developing and inspiring young enthusiastic players. We share our passion for the game. In the spirit that some campers may one day step onto the playing field in front of thousands of screaming fans. And we hope that we can make their dream reality by teaching them how to play soccer better. They’re going to learn tape to go on tactical training small sided and game like situations teamwork and sportsmanship goals. They’re going to be set personal attention and group campers by age of and skill level. Jason needle is our soccer mad magic director. He’s going to be the one really teaching the kids here how to. Get into the. Big leagues if you will one day. Any boy or girl entering first grade and sixth grade can or in the fall and that can really they can attend. What do you need to bring for the camp each day. Well that simple soccer ball shin guards soccer shoes indoor shoes water bottles swimsuit towel and a dairy. Lunch hot fresh pizza slices available for lunch daily only a dollar fifty a slice.
So if they do want to get some pizza there they can do that if they do want to eat something besides pizza everyday and they might need to bring their own lunch. But that is what we offer here so if you do. Want to check out these Charles Shusterman Jewish community center you more than welcome to come check it out right here and see why. And see why. The Jewish fitness center Tulsa is found right here at the.
Charles Shusterman community center. So anytime you’re looking for a Jewish fitness and or Tulsa look no farther than right here.