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If you want to find best Jewish Fitness Ctr., Tulsa has to offer, you can us today. We are Charles Shusterman Jewish community Center you care very much of the community we carry much was placed want to help you, that we’re company that started back after a camp called Camp shalom is in the early 70s and the 1977 at Tulsa Jewish cookies are made up of local business leaders and people I launch a fundraising campaign to turn this you to full to me. Center into a dream we were dedicated in 1981, and I we’ve been serving all families of faiths and backgrounds we care a lot about the welcoming facility that opened as opened membership to all.

If you will know more about us. We been owned and operated by the Jewish Federation of Tulsa, that we are a home to share may or when Miller Museum of Jewish art, and I we’ve a beautiful selection of art out of gym. Call us today. Done with 495-1111 we love to talk to and we love to join our gym today. Carl place. We can learn a lot about fitness and learn a lot about life as well. Jewish Fitness Center Tulsa. Come to us today. Check out our beautiful website. We have talked it is CSG with a free look at our page and learn more about us. We are located at 2021 E. 71st St., Tulsa, OK 74136.

Our hours of operation are from Monday to Thursday were open from 6:30 AM to 9 PM on Friday roof and 6:30 AM to 5 PM on Saturday were from 12 to 5 PM and Sunday were open 9 AM to 5 PM try for free HR pool. We are offered 2500 ft.² of said your fitness, government with party machines and personal free weights, TVs and strength training equipment really care of this area, we want to take care of it seems call today. Jewish Fitness Center Tulsa. We want to help you with your needs. They your fitness is your fitness goals. We want to help you achieve though, so does us, we want to help you today.

Go to her website. The available pool. We offer with an incredible pool you can get summer membership. The Risley price for a pool you can get Memorial Day through Labor Day and flowers are different. So conflict is up online with beautiful pool at a regulation sized way 5 m live in for pool to play been indicted, diving area your knocking one miss our beautiful pools. You will also look at testimonials people enjoyed coming to our gym and how amazing it is, and how crazy it is how cool it is. We have our camp and fitness classes that you need to check out to become the Camp shalom and they loved the work we’ve done for them. They love the worst we been able to create for them, and how we been able to help them reach their fitness goals. Jewish Fitness Center Tulsa. The fitness goals for their children to conduct camp shalom, soccer magic. We can help with all of your different needs.

We can help you, I can donate to a day as well to our website with the best Jewish Fitness Ctr., Tulsa, however your JCC everyone. I hope you can is call their number is 918-495-1111 visit us on Facebook in Seattle, Google join today your gut partnering with us when it comes to your fitness needs were a passion about the making of everyone reaches their fitness goals and you are richer fitness goals with us today. Come to Charles Shusterman Jewish community center below for you to join our team here today