Top rated south Tulsa gym | Grand Adventure Ahead

Are you looking for a top rated self Tulsa gym. Well look no further than the. Greatest top rated. Tulls of fitness to the top rated South Tulsa gym right here at the. Fitness Center at the Jewish community center on 20:21 17th Street. Have a great set of trainers on staff that can help you get to the goal that you need to with a coach Craig. Coach Stephanie. Both of them are very well trained in what they do and are willing to go above and beyond to help you reach your fitness goals and see why everyone who is wanting to get in shape is wanting to get down here to Charles Shusterman Jewish Community Center.
Great group of people great environment. They offer a number of different classes whether it be aqua aerobics muscular endurance or any one of the other ones they have here. These are great programs that are set up for people to really take advantage of and become involved in a a real community and hope that it feels like a family here so that’s one thing that we offer here at the gym and it’s a great place to get fit. So if you’re looking for top rated South Tulsa gyms you need to get right here to the top rated South Tulsa. Jim. The community center right here. Charles Shusterman Jewish community center on Seventy first. At 20:21 71st in Tulsa. Or you can call 9 1 8 4 9 5 11 11 or go online to see as Jay-Zs he’d come to either enroll or call and ask any questions you can also see all the many services we offer as well as testimonials about the gym and what people think about us right here. You can also gives if you want to donate. You can also do that right here on the Web site as well so number of things you can do. Please check it out right here at Charles Shusterman Jewish community center.