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Are you looking for Tulsa corporate meeting venues. Well we have the perfect answer right here at the Charles Shusterman Jewish community center where you can see the number of different op room options and sites that we have for rental. So if you are wanting to have a any kind of Tulsa corporate meeting venues you would need to come right here to the Charles Shusterman Jewish community center where. Tulsa corporate meeting venues are our bread and butter we are very good and professional when it comes to having the set up now at those Tulsa corporate meeting venues if you need a security guard we’d be more than obliged to help you with that. You can purchase the security guard here for $100 and that’s a four hour shift. So plenty of time to get your meeting in there. So if you do want to do that that’s an option there as well and you do get discount prices or being a member. So that’s another great thing is that you know if you do choose to have membership with the actual gym you’re going to get a discount anytime you need you know Taso corporate meeting venues. So facts are here folks the answer in Tulsa for Tulsa. Many venues is the Charles Shusterman Jewish community center.
They have great prices great people a great facility it’s very clean. They have on staff security you can rent a maintenance or front desk person you can rent anything from a kitchen rental to conference room to the sylvan auditorium for anything big you have the Bernstine lobby in conjunction with room rental of freestanding rental the. Multipurpose room. The den Asher and Reuben or for up to two hours so you can rent any one of those speakers. So if you have something you have written now that you want them to speak for the conference or event they’re more than happy to do that for you. They’re very well-versed at that at public speaking so get with them and you can get in touch with them here at. 4 9 5. 11 11. To get to find out what Tulsa events you could plan next to here at the Charles Schuster and Jewish community center where Tulsa corporate meeting venues are truly defined. We have the best Tulsa corporate meeting venue available with our multi purpose facility.
You can be used for many different things whether it be a wedding or a Bar Mitzvah or a corporate meeting at all. We can do all of those things so please come down and check us out. We would love to be your choice for your next corporate meeting and would love to share with you all the many blessings that we’ve received from you know being a part of the Jewish community center. And you can check out those memberships as well here by either calling 4 9 5 11 11 or going to h w r at Jewish Tulsa dot com and emailing them for general information. They do have a guest policy and ICC members may bring guests for a small fee extended Pat guest passes are available for out of town guests or certain or center members of the JCC honors all current out of town Jewish community center memberships. When visiting Tulsa. So if you do have a membership at a different Jewish community center then you can use that membership here they will accept.
That’s really cool. So as you know pretty much as long as you’re a part of a Jewish or a part of a Jewish community center you’re going to get taken care of right here for free. You don’t have to buy any new membership now those membership prices do vary. They have plenty though those you can see right here online. So check it out and see why C-s JCC don’t work is the best website to find tons of answers.