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Are you looking for. Also corporate meeting venues. Well look no further than right here at the great web site. See as JCC dot org where you can find the Charles Shusterman Jewish community centers website. We have a number of different things that you can rent whether it be security maintenance at the front desk or actual speakers for your next event. We can rent all of those for you there’s comprehensive prices and things online that you can go check out and see you know what it would be with the membership and what would be without a membership you can kind of determine what’s a better route for you. You can also see all the things we have actually to offer to rent such as the conference room the multipurpose room the Bernstine lobby and the sylvan auditorium. So you know feel free to come into our facility here at twenty twenty one East First Street in Tulsa and check out these facilities and find out why Tulsa corporate meeting venues have never been defined better by the events center right here at the community center for Churchwell Shusterman. So please call us at 9 1 8 4 9 5 11 11 and get a free quote Today you can also get a free quote from e-mailing Federation at Jewish Tulsa dot org and asking the question there about what event you want to have and how you know how many people etc. they are going to have. So if you do want to have a Tulsa corporate meeting venues meeting that you can do that right here at the leader in Tulsa corporate meeting venue.
The Joshua German Jewish community center. Lot of people don’t think about you know Tulsa quarter meeting venues when they think about us but we hope that in the future as you do think about Tulsa corporate meeting venues you start to think about the Charles Shusterman Jewish community center a little bit more as we have been you know open since the early 80s and continued to grow. Each and every year since then we have really built a strong community of. Strong people that have continued to give back to each other and their community as well. And that’s what we want to offer here is just the ability for people even in a business world or a corporate setting to be able to still hold true and stay close to those you know Jewish values that we hold close to here at the Charles European Jewish community. And so they’re able to you know bring all their corporate people and bring their group meeting into a religious setting and have a place to a wholesome place to have this you know corporate meaning an event at so that everyone has the you know the. Jewish aspect of the meeting there and kind of in the room so that everyone can feel the spirituality that you gained from having an event right here at the meeting and event rentals section of the website. J. C. S. J. CC dot org. So we haven’t had a chance to check it out. I implore you please go down and check it out.
Right now at C-s JCC the org or call Dine-In 8 4 9 5 11 11 you can set an appointment up that way as well. But we would love to be your go to. Choice for any type of corporate meetings you may have in the future so please just think of us when you think of the corporate meetings and give us a call we’d love to be your next choice. And if you are in the Tulsa area you can come to 21:21 Seventy first dream Zia’s and person there so you know feel free to do that if you want to just come and check out the facilities and see what we do offer whether it be for the event centers or whether you’re willing to look for your family at the fitness center and some of the camps that they offer like camp shalom or soccer magic. So you know those are also great programs and things that we offer so whether you’re looking to get your corporate business meeting in the venue here or whether you’re looking to get just years you know yourself here with your family you can do both. So please give us a call at 9 1 8 4 9 5 11 11.