Tulsa corporate meeting venues | Check Us Out Now

Are you looking for a Tulsa corporate meeting venues. Well I have the perfect answer for you here. Just look no further for those many avenues than right here at the JCC dot org Web site where you can go on and get a number of different rates and see what type of rooms we do have available for your Tulsa corporate meeting venues needs and how we can fulfill those. We have a great variety of different prices online so you can kind of see if you’re a member what you’ll have to pay and if you’re not a nonmember what you’ll have to pay for that as well and you can also check out. Dan Ascher and Ruben who are great public speakers and are available for rental up to two hours.
It’s going twenty five bucks. So you know if you’re not really a speaker but you have something to speak about to a congregation or a group of people this is the option you should be picking and you can also rent a security guard for four hours for a hundred dollars.
I mean where can you do that at. You can get maintenance at the front desk for 20 bucks per person. Per Per Hour sorry. And so I mean you know you get a great number of different services and things to attach on if you want to feed everybody. You can get the kitchen for 75 bucks and you can go hog wild in there cooking up everything you can think of. As long as it’s kosher. At the Charles utrum and Jewish community center and you can. Also. Come to our facility at 20:21 71st and see it in person sometimes easier to be able to come in person and kind of look at what you what you’re going to be getting and see what would be.
Physically acceptable for your party whether you’re going to have enough space to hold the people. What we have for chairs now you can get with them as well about decorating and setting things up that’s up to you. So if you if you need to get a Tulsa corporate meeting venues. You need to do it right here at the Taso corporate meeting news leader Charles Shusterman Jewish community center. We pride ourselves in being a. Exceptional Tulsa corporate meeting Benyus member. Just by being available and you know we do have the right to refuse service to rent these facilities to any organizations or individuals when it’s sole discretion the federal the Federation determines that such rentals would be counter to the Federation’s mission or best interests of a hate group or something crazy Don’t try to come here and do that here we want it. This is not for that. This is strictly for holsom. You know. Positive events that have taken place. Like I said weddings. Bar Mitzvahs corporate meetings things of that nature so you know no actual parties no alcohol drinking and all that. Here we want you to have a great time. We want to keep the keep sacred our our mission and best interest as well. So make sure next time you think about getting any kind of Tulsa corporate meeting venues. You want to do it right here at the top of Tulsa Acourt meaning the news leader Charles Shusterman Jewish community center.
So check us out at C-s JCC dot org or call us at 9 1 8 4 9 5 11 11 you can also go to Facebook or Instagram we on there you can join us right here on the Web site or you can just go in person to see us here at 20:21 East 17th Street so any way you go about it just make sure you get on down here and see why everyone here is loving the great services. At the community center.