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Are you looking for Tulsa corporate meeting venues. Well the best place for topor corporate meeting venues is right here at the Charles Sugarmann Jewish community center and you can contact us at 9 1 8 4 9 5 11 11. Or go to 20:21 71st and see our actual facility but we have a great set of on staff security guards and front desk attendants that can be rented for your next corporate meeting venue.
So if you need Tulsa or corporate meeting venues you definitely want to look right here at the Charless German Jewish community center where we have a state of the art facilities. Like I said on staff security on staff kitchen attendants front desk people you even can can hire a speaker if you have the event and you want to run out the auditorium and have them speak for you. You can definitely do that. Like I said you do get a discount for memberships so you can look at the memberships page and see all the different prices of the memberships they have there whether it be an adult couple single parent family college students senior adults corporate members. Tulsa corporate meeting venues. Or whether you want a lifetime membership. Corporate corporate memberships are five $405 a year with a minimum of five memberships required. So we offer special rates if you choose to include your spouse and family so if you do have a written membership and you want to get your employees you know the ability to go to the gym you can spend $405 a year and you can do that that way. Now.
It would only be for 60 for a single adult. So. If you are just a single guy or single woman and you want to get a membership here you can do it that way but either way the whole thing is it’s going to help you when you have your corporate meeting venues inquiry because you’re going to save money on those also called corporate meeting venues by. Having the membership here at the Charles Shusterman Jewish community center. So if you get into the Web site CSJ CC dot org please do it now and check out why we are the best place to have corporate meetings in Tulsa and why our story is the most. Driven and heart touching story out there. We started in you know eight in the 70s continued to grow and fight oppression until we. Tulsa corporate meeting venues. Finally got a community center and it’s a pretty big one at that. And we now are getting back to our community and to all the Jewish members of the community to see. That we do have people here that care about the well-being of the other Jewish members in the community and want to further the betterment of their life. So if you are Jewish or if you’re not Jewish and you’re looking for a. Event Center in the Tulsa area for whether a corporate meeting or a wedding or anything at all you’re going to want to go to see as JCC org and click on the Contact Us tab to get the actual address of 20:21. When you first receive you can go there and check us out and just see what you think.
We have a number of testimonials online so if you want to read somebody else’s testimonial and see what they thought. You’re more than able to do that. Those are videos as well as actual typed sins as they’re about why people are raving about us so please check it out. We’d love to have you right here at the Jewish. Community Center so we can gain a better understanding of how we can help you be a better part of society by just giving you an out and an outreach such as a fitness center and pools and good counselors and. You know around so that you can really thrive in an environment where Jewish. Members have stuck together and. Created a real community. So please check us out here at Charles Schuster and Jewish Community Center.