Tulsa event centers | Basketball on Deck

Are you looking for a Tulsa event center. Well look no further than the best Tulsa event centers right here. At the. Charles Shusterman Jewish community center. We’ve been a. Great part of our community for. Quite a while now. We’ve been dedicated since 1981 to what is known as the Charles Shusterman. Jewish community center and it served families of all faiths and backgrounds for all that time. We have a great a great event center as well as other facilities such as fitness centers pools family programs and a five acre sports complex. So. Tons of stuff to do here guys if you haven’t had a chance to check it out or you’re planning another or a of incoming Tulsa event centers you’re going to want to get to the best Tulsa event centers right here at the Charles Shusterman Jewish community center where Tulsa event centers have never been made easier than they are right now. And we have really. Took time to. Put effort into the community again and help these people build each other up.
You can see these testimonials online of other people that may have rented this the the services here or just come here for fitness services themselves and see why they love it so much. There’s multiple businesses from Edward L. who plays basketball here and loves being able to come to the Jewish community center and play basketball. His kids enjoy the camp and he enjoys the fitness classes. So that’s really great. When he speaks about Camp Shalom to other families in the Tulsa community he always leads with. They have the very best counselors and he’s in any camp in Tulsa. I know that my children are better people for having attended Camp Shalom and being a part of the camp Shalom community. Thank you so very much for what you do. So those are just some of the testimonials of people that have you know that come to this center and use the services here. So next time you’re thinking of having a rental.
Event whether it’s a birthday or a wedding. Please give us a call here at the Charles Shusterman Jewish community center at 9 1 8 4 9 5 11 11 or come by and see us. At our actual. Local location at. 20:21 74 street in Tulsa where we would love to be your go to.
Choice for any event that you may hold in the future. And you can also go see all these rates and things on see. JCC dot org where it really gives you a layout of what the rental prices are or what you’re looking at how much you’d save for being a member. And you know the phone numbers I have to call it so it’s great to be able to get an idea of what you’re looking at and what you need to do. So if you want to go online and be a great way to. See all the many things that they do offer here and take a look at the Charles the German Jewish community center.
So if you haven’t had a chance to and you’re thinking of planning an event in the near future and you need to find Tulsa event centers Well look no farther than right here at the Charles Sugarmann Jewish community center where we make dreams reality by just bringing family and fun values to the local community and try to build relationships that last and will in turn build even better and more relationships. So please call us today 9 1 8 4 9 5 11 11. Or e-mail us at Federation at toll Jewish Tulsa dot org to get a quote today.