Tulsa event centers | Celebrate with Your Family

If you’re looking for a Tull’s of visitors look at your leading Tulsa event center place right here at the Charles Shusterman Jewish community center where we love providing the community with a great number of services. One of those services is standing as an acting Tulsa event centers by offering rentals so you can rent the facility. There’s a few different facilities you can rent as well and you can see all those different.
Ones that you can rent and how much they cost. So you know whether it be the Bernstine lobby multipurpose room the conference room Sylvan auditorium or kitchen. You can read all of those or just a few. Those prices are online here to see what they would be asking for those to also event center so you can get a good idea of what you would need to spend so next time you’re looking for Tulsa senators go to the Tulsa Center’s King right here at Charles Shusterman Jewish community center where we have a number of different rooms available to rent as well as you being able to rent security and front door maintenance. So great great options for anyone that’s having a party whether they need security or they don’t. We have a lot of options here and you can save quite a bit of money on it as well by being a member so if you haven’t looked at what the membership costs are and things of that nature please go to where it says join and look at our different memberships and what they offer and how much they cost and you can find out why everyone loves being a part of the Charles Schuster and Jewish community center. It’s a great place folks you would love to see that the different. Jewish holidays that they celebrate here.
And the federal holidays as well. Anyone can join any one belongs. That’s their motto here. So any size any color any shape any nationality or origin you can come here to Camp Shalom and they will teach you these Jewish principles and precepts that got them closer to. Heaven. Lee. Life. So anyone who can join and you can see the different membership options here. Online. Right here on their website by going to the membership’s tab and kind of looking through there. You can be a. Member here of the congregation of Bnai and Luna temple of Israel.
Beth Torah synagogue Jewish unaffiliated. So you can be Jewish and is being affiliated with everything and. Not involved in the of that or you can also. Be not Jewish and those type of memberships they offer is $625 for a family. And I believe this is. A year. I believe these are yearly prices. Now they do have really cool a lifetime membership for five thousand bucks you can just pay that and you will be a lifetime member of the gym and be able to come here any time you like. So if that’s what you would like to do then. Please check out the online application you can fill it out right here online and decide which one would be best for you. So please go to the Charles Schuurman Jewish community center and let us see why you. Would use us for a Tulsa event centers on why we’re the leading one available here so call 9 1 8 4 9 5 11 11. Or go online to CSJ CC dot org and check out our great Web site.