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If you want the best Tulsa Jewish fitness center comes to us today at CSJCC we are the incredible Charles Shusterman Jewish community Center you need, can us today. Visit us on Facebook and thrive, and Google with incredible sites are put on to help you today. Call us today at 918-495-1111 join us. We been featured on news channel 8 Fox 23, Tulsa kids. Tulsa world, and the Tulsa people, we are incredibly involved in the community.

We take care of me very much in try us for one week, for free. I discuss your options. Thus today would love to talk to you about how we can grow you today in your fitness goals and how to help you reach your fitness goals. What makes us the best Tulsa Jewish fitness center. Whatever the Tulsa Darien her, and help you think.

You can learn about us. We are a originally the site of Camp shalom of started in the early 1970s, and we want to help with establishing the best Jewish many center. There is so passionate about someone to do, and we have become the best Tulsa Jewish fitness center and IRS are passionate about, so make sure you come to our website covers. Call 391849511 read the raving reviews to the left for us. People love us. They really like the work redone for them, and how we can help them grow physically and mentally to. If you want to find a friendly comforting environment of people who really care about your fitness. You need, can us today. We offer personal training in philosophy and things can visit us her address is 2021 E. 71st St., Tulsa, OK 74136

Our hours of operation are unwanted. If there’s a row, from 630 to 9 o’clock from Friday opened at 6:30 AM to 5 PM Saturday roof 12 can to 5 PM and on Sunday open from 9 AM to 5 PM, we are very excited about helping you with our free weights or strength training equipment and are cardio machines have personal TVs you can try us for free with your name your email your phone number, we’d love to help you out. Gone are faced with our company want to check out our website and see what you can cc out what you like about us into the kids yourself. Partnering with us when it comes to your fitness today. The website of the pool we have.

It’s a great pool the 25 m pool with him from pooling to fight and die the area of the pool is open on special. Ours is a great mom, or sitting get it with some report membership deal. I you get a family for 425 year deal 12 360 single parent family for 335 single door for 305 point incredible deals and you want to comment do you mean, so students from our building you become part of our pool programs that we can give you an incredible journey will help you on your fitness journey, with great passion about that. So why do for everyone. It comes to our doors. We can often miss a lot. We know that people Other fitness, and we were help you in your fitness and help you realize your fitness goals, so that when you come to us, go to read our testimonials read website about through the book said about our program and how we help them today we are the best Tulsa Jewish fitness center here.