Tulsa Jewish Fitness Center | Activities For Endurance

Are you looking for a Tulsa Jewish fitness center. Well look no further than see as JCC the Charles Shusterman Jewish community center where you can go for. A great experience for Tulsa Jewish fitness center fanatics. You can go get that fitness in around a great community of other. Jewish faith individuals that will really keep you in a healthy wholesome environment that really caters to your nationality so that. There’s not many other nationalities there besides yours. And. At Tulsa Jewish fitness center. Here at the.
Charles Shusterman Jewish community center you’re going to be able to go to their Web site at C-s JCC downward and see a number of different great things that you can look at. We can start with their story which they have a wonderful story. Originally the site of the camp Shalom camp Shalom pool in the early 1970s the land where our buildings stand now was then part of a dream to establish a Jewish community center in Tulsa Oklahoma to help cater to the. Jewish community and not other. Races or nationalities. In 1977 the Jewish Tulsa Jewish community council made up a made up of local business leaders and community volunteers launched a fund raising campaign to turn that dream into a reality. Dedicated in 1989 what is now known as the Charles Shusterman JCC serves. Families all over all of all faiths and backgrounds. So. In 1981 what is now known as the Charles Sherman JCC community center serves. Families of all faiths and backgrounds. You don’t have to be. Of Jewish faith or have to be Jewish to go to this community center you can be. Irish for that matter anything else. The Jew the JCC is a welcoming facility with membership open to all members enjoy our fitness center pool fun family programs which you can kind of see some of those programs and stuff here online at their web site and they have a five acre Sports Complex indoor gymnasium squash and racquetball courts and more. It’s owned and operated by the Jewish Federation of Tulsa. The Jewish community center.
Campus is also home to the Sherman Miller or Sherwen Miller Museum of Jewish art midsole Jewish community day school. Liberators park the JFT community garden and. Zero Point day retirement center. So. There’s quite a few other things that are located in the same area as well. So any time you’re looking for any kind of. Fitness Center and you know you’re looking for something is geared more towards the Jewish community. Please check out the Jewish community center right here. As C-s JCC dot org or call 9 1 8 4 9 5 1 1 1 1 for any questions and it be more than happy to help. You can also check us out on Facebook Instagram and on Google to get new news and see what we’re doing. There’s a great number of pictures on the Web site as well that you can check out. That kind of show you know the kids just just doing fun things making smores. And you know having a good time which is a great. A great view and in way for you to really see how much they love sharing here and how much they’d love to share the family experience with you.