Hydration and You

Summer is here and with it comes hot air and high temperatures. During this season, it is especially important to stay hydrated – here are some easy-to-follow tips to make sure you’re getting enough H2O.

Follow the 8×8 rule. Drink at least eight 8-oz. glasses of water each day.

Keep your skin healthy. Drinking enough water is the key to a healthy complexion. Hydrate it from the inside out and see results like firmer, brighter skin.Replace lost water. Activity, health status and environmental conditions can affect the rate

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at which your body loses water, so make sure to consume more than standards recommend.
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Be aware of signs of dehydration. Dry mouth, fatigue, extreme thirst, headache, confusion and feeling dizzy or lightheaded are all signs you may need more water – but don’t wait to for these symptoms to

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Think about fluids in general. Water exists in forms other than just pure H2O. Increase hydration by consuming things like fruits and veggies, soups and unsweetened flavored teas.

Water is a life-changer, so drink up!

Source: Institute of Medicine (IOM)