If you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you know how hot it can get in the summer. This can make people irritable and may limit their desire to participate in outdoor activities. Making time to get an intense total-body workout is not as easy as pulling in the drive-thru of a popular fast food restaurant.

The portions of food served in the United States are extremely large when compared with many other countries. This excellent value for our money leads to a lot of overeating. Sugar is probably the worst enemy of the American people because it does not need to be processed a whole lot by the body and cannot be quickly used by the body. As a result, most sugar winds up turning into fat stores that are not easily tapped into.

In order to create a calorie deficit and to stay healthy, we have to engage in intense exercise. Yet, working out indoors can become very boring when all that we are doing is redundant repetitions of free weights or aimlessly jogging or biking on a gym machine. For this reason, most people prefer to engage in athletic activities that both require coordination and physical stamina to excel in.

Gyms that offer many healthy exercise classes, which are also fun and interesting to attend, week after week, are of the greatest benefit to the community. At our Tulsa, Oklahoma, fitness center, we specialize in providing our members with the full experience. We don’t economize by hiring one fitness instructor with a boombox to run an aerobics dance class. Instead, we hire a variety of experts who can help our members select from numerous lifestyle fitness classes that make working out anything but boring.

Types of Fitness Activities that We Offer


One of our most popular member activities is Kendo. This sport combines ancient Japanese cultural traditions with modern safety features for the perfect adventure. Kendo is a type of fencing but not with flimsy little swords. Kendo is based on Samurai swordsmanship and the impressive qualities of the legendary Katana. This sport is fun for all ages and provides a cultural experience that is almost like taking a vacation to Japan.


Pickleball is another fun game that combines the universal appeal of badminton and ping pong with the court layout of a tennis match. This game presents unique challenges but is easier to play than tennis because the ball is lighter and slower like a ping pong ball. The large rackets are more like badminton rackets. But the net is much lower like a tennis game net.

Aqua Aerobics

Our aqua aerobics program is also popular with people of all ages. Because it takes place vertically in a pool and does not require swimming, it is easy on the joints while providing a fun environment for aerobic-style resistance training. By lifting your legs underwater or going through other motions, you can naturally tone up without putting stress on your joints.

Squash Courts

If you don’t have time for the formalities of tennis matches, a squash court game may be exactly what you need. Squash has been deemed the healthiest sport ever. This game is played like racket ball in a small squash court with 4 walls.

Cardio Kickboxing

This type of cardio workout uses different techniques that are commonly found in kickboxing matches to create a high-intensity cardio workout. Instead of using dance moves and other coordinated poses, the participants do a lot of kicking, stances, and defensive moves in a choreographed manner. This is a type of martial arts training without the need for any actual combat. Instead, participants pace through the building blocks of developing kickboxer moves in this foundational form of martial arts.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a way of challenging your body and keeping yourself from sliding into that mindless daze of repetitious workouts. When you do circuit training, you are keeping your heart rate up and quickly pacing through a variety of exercises. These are both strength-training and aerobic exercises.

Therefore, you may start off with jumping ropes and then flow into jumping jacks, squats, lunges, hip extensions, and then into a set of push-ups. The beauty of circuit training is that once you’ve completed several reps of each exercise, you then start over at the initial station again and go through the progressions to keep pushing and targeting different fitness elements.

TRX Core and Conditioning

TRX is an abbreviation for “Total-Body Resistance Exercise.” This form of exercise was developed by a Navy Seal who wanted to maintain fitness with a limited workout space while he traveled. This revolutionary concept in training is based upon building resistance with your own body weight. The TRX system is a set of hand grips that are secured by an elastic band. All you need is an anchor point to set up the system anywhere on the go.

Using this system, a variety of core-centric exercises can be performed that target the abdominal muscles and work out the whole body. This makes it a great method for getting a lean belly and defined abs. Users learn the techniques and can vary and adjust the resistance by engaging their own body weight to increase or decrease the force required for each exercise. This makes it as progressive as swimming for total body resistance training.

What Else Can You Do at the Gym?

Weight Machines

At our fitness center, we provide our memberships with a variety of weight machines. If you are still developing muscles and want to ensure that you are using the perfect form, a weight machine is the best way to build up a working foundation. It is always a great way to target specific muscles if you are strength training.


You can use our pool to engage in one of the best exercises out there. Swimming is both an art and something that can save your life if you are ever sucked into the ocean or fall into a lake. Whether you want to perfect complex strokes like the breaststroke or simply glide through the water to relax after a hard workout, our pool is a great place to do it.


Pilate exercises involve a lot of techniques that don’t require excessive energy use to perform. Instead of wearing yourself down with numerous repetitions of high-intensity cardio, you can simply freeze up and pose in positions that strengthen and tone your muscles. These exercises are extremely popular with women because they do not put pressure on them to perform and allow them to work out at a comfortable pace.

Free Weights

Free weights are one of the most popular aspects of any gym. Free weights are those traditional dumbbells, barbells, and benchpress plates that the heavy weightlifters use to get those super muscular and defined bodies. Any gym that lacks free weights will impair your ability to excel. Free weights help you obtain the peak of fitness because they force you to develop your balancing muscles instead of relying solely on specific large muscles groups.

The natural progressions and development of muscles by lifting objects that are closer to what we may lift in our natural environments will help you look sleek and sexy in no time. Whether you have a lot of muscle that is of a low quality or you simply have a lot of fat, replacing that inefficient muscle and fat with high-strength muscle fibers is the secret to a long and healthy life. You will burn calories even when you are resting if you have a high muscle-to-fat ratio. Training with free weights is also an advantage in many sports that provides you with a competitive edge.


Treadmills are the perfect way to get your heart rate up and to increase your stamina. This can both burn calories, increase energy levels, and lower blood pressure by making the heart muscle stronger. Treadmills have the added advantage of warding off osteoporosis because they are a high-impact workout that helps to strengthen your bones and spine. Treadmills were once torture machines used to punish prisoners but have recently become entertainment centers with television screens and a variety of workouts to keep it interesting.


Ellipticals are one of the most effective calorie-burners out there. An elliptical is sort of like a cross-country ski machine because it requires you to move your legs in a gliding forward and backward motion. You also get a total-body workout when you use your arms to push and pull on the handles. Our high-quality elliptical machines do not just have handles there for decoration. You will find that the home fitness versions of this equipment lack any true balanced resistance in the arm motions.

The great benefit of ellipticals is that they are very low impact. You gently pedal back and forth in both forward and reverse directions in an elliptical path motion that is very effective at building momentum. When used correctly and dialed in for optimal resistance, an elliptical will help you easily maintain a calorie deficit even if you stop in at our gym to work out for a half an hour session a few times a week.

Stretch Machines

Using a stretch machine before and after your workout is guaranteed to make you feel good all over. A stretch machine has various manual poses and positions for you to take when you want to loosen up various muscle groups. Even if you don’t have a machine or stretch station available, you will find yourself using similar techniques to loosen up your joints. This takes your pre-workout routine well beyond touching your toes and doing a few basic stretches. Stretch your shoulders, your hips, your hamstrings, your thighs, your lower back, and much more to maintain maximum flexibility and comfort during and after your gym workout.

How Do I Stay Motivated?

One of the biggest problems with people who have not yet adopted fitness as a lifestyle and goal is staying motivated. It is easy to fall off the wagon when you are not seeing any results or feeling any immediate incentives to sculpt your body, lose weight, tone up, or improve stamina.

Dietary Changes

If you don’t change your diet along with your gym exercise routine, at least by avoiding sugar and overeating, you may not experience the same sense of well-being or immediate results. The great part is that once you do reach a level of peak fitness, you should be able to indulge in anything (in moderation) without gaining back weight or feeling fat. Reaching that level of fitness is not easy but can happen relatively quickly if you do make dietary changes.

Fitness Partner

If you have a fitness partner to go to the gym with you for classes or other workout sessions, this can create a gym synergy where you help and challenge each other. A lot of people come to the gym and would like to keep to themselves and get their workout over with so that they can go home. Therefore, a gym is not always the most social atmosphere and can feel alienating if you go by yourself unless you join one of our classes or bring a fitness friend.

Invest in Gym Clothes

You wouldn’t go to a wedding dressed in a pair of sweatpants and a beer t-shirt. For the same reason, you need to invest in proper gym attire if you want to get the most out of your workout. Buying gym running sneakers will help absorb some of the stress from aerobic moves or high-impact running on the treadmill. Investing in weight-lifting gym gloves that are padded and fingerless will make you a lot more comfortable lifting up those free weights or working out on those machines.

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