Fitness doesn’t come easy. It requires dedication. It requires actual work. You have to drag yourself to the gym even on the days when you really don’t want to go. Putting in an hour of aerobics can be the worst thing you can imagine for the day but once you are finished you will feel energized and ready to go. Motivation ebbs and flows. Trying to keep your motivation as high as possible is the key to success.

The Benefits of Water Aerobics

Aerobics can be great cardio but not everyone enjoys it. People who have knee, hip and other joint discomfort may struggle with doing even basic aerobics. Water aerobics takes away all of the impact and eases the discomfort. You don’t even feel that you are breaking a sweat because you are in the water and the time will just fly by. You don’t have to be able to swim to do these workouts because you will only be in a few feet of water.

Checking out the Gym

Fitness can be found in many ways. There are dozens of things that you can do for exercise from running to boxing and more. Lifting weights is a great way to improve your physical health and has other benefits as well. People who lift weights:

  • Improve the strength of their bones
  • Prevents the loss of muscle that comes with aging
  • Increases the metabolism for hours even after the workout is done

The typical gym offers machines, free weights and classes. You can even check out various classes until you find the ones that suit you best. Yoga, ballet style barre classes and others can be used with strength training to give a well-rounded and balanced approach to general fitness.

The gym may also have indoor walking tracks, swimming pools and massage therapists. If you can afford it consider hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions especially if you are a new exerciser. The trainer will show you the right way to perform exercises and how to use machines safely. They can also devise a good workout routine so that you can meet any goals that you want.

Free Fitness Options

If you prefer to skip the gym because of the crowds or the expense, there are free options that you can explore. It doesn’t cost a dime to find a good fitness routine. You can start a walking program with plans to move to jogging or even running. Invite others to come and walk with you and the whole community can get fit and socialize at the same time.

Another option is to explore videos on YouTube. Follow along with routines that are labeled “body weight” workouts and you won’t need a single piece of equipment. Basic moves like pushups, sit-ups and others can be done while you watch TV and are simple to learn. As you get fitter you can add variations and learn more complex moves.

For a few dollars you can buy a jump rope and jump your way to better physical health. Jumping is good for your coordination, boosts your metabolism and may help maintain good joint health. You will also notice that jump rope workouts are fun and make you feel like a kid again.

Fitness in Tulsa, OK

Summertime can be overwhelmingly warm in Tulsa, so finding a gym in Tulsa or full service fitness center in Tulsa that you like so you can exercise indoors is a wise decision. You don’t have to exercise indoors all the time, but it is recommended for the extremely hot days in summer. If you aren’t already a member of a great gym, you can call our fitness center today at (918) 495-1111. The fitness facilities are amazing and they offer great water aerobics classes that you and your entire family can enjoy.

Our Community Center Pool

  • Regulation size 25 meter pool
  • Infant pool
  • Tube slide
  • Diving area

JCC Pool Hours


Saturday – 12:00-8:00 P.M.
Sunday – 12:00-8:00 P.M.
Monday thru Thursday – 12:00-7:00 P.M.
Friday – Closed for maintenance

Back to School Pool Hours

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