As we all know, kids like to jump, squat, push, pull, run and climb as a part of their everyday life. These activities are a part of a “typical” child’s movement patterns. Just watch them play! It requires that they execute these movements quickly and efficiently regardless of their physical capacity.

Kids Fit is a program that is designed with this specific function in mind. It is a program aimed at developing children’s fitness levels to optimize the enjoyment of their lives. To put it more simply, Kids Fit helps kids to grow healthy and strong and through that, to love every minute of the day.

The program is also a great way to develop general athletic skills as a means of generating improvement in other sports. Classes are designed to incorporate elements of gymnastics, body weight movements, running and jumping to ensure that kids develop overall improvement in and a love for fitness. This type of advancement transfers over to all sports!

Here at J Kids Fit, we place a huge emphasis on forming a supportive community of kids that are united by their common passion for fitness. We aim to provide kids with a place to come and to improve their overall well being while simultaneously developing their confidence, forming friendships and discovering an overall passion for wellness in their lives.  Instructor – Coach Craig Descoteaux