Meet the Trainers


Q: When did you first discover a passion for fitness?
A: I played sports all through my youth and grew up in a very active and healthy family.

Q: Describe your favorite workout:
A: I don’t have A favorite workout. I like variety! 
I definitely prefer challenging & intense workouts!! Adding the TRX has been great for all who have participated in the classes.

Q: What do you like most about working with members?
A: Our members are the best! They come in all ages & fitness levels, so they keep me on my toes. Also, they are all very kind & have made my time here at the JCC quite enjoyable.

Q: What’s your number one healthy diet/exercise tip?
A: “Diet” has such a negative feeling… I prefer to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Avoid processed/packaged foods and keep moving! 

Q: How would you encourage someone to stay motivated?
A: By stressing all the positives of healthy living… not focusing on “aesthetics” but on the medical benefits (lowers blood pressure, improves heart & lung function, prevents osteoporosis).

Betty Miller, Nutrition Expert, Certified Professional Trainer.


I was 197 pounds at 5’4″, throwing up every day due to a stomach ulcer causing me to wake up sick every morning and experiencing continual pain in my stomach throughout the day. I also suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) which was making every day life unbearable. I decided enough was enough and I was going to feel better no matter what. I started eating fresh veggies and proteins. That is when my life changed. I have lost 70 pounds and said goodbye to my ulcer, and IBS. I also started a fitness routine. The gym is a great way to relieve stress, recenter, and prepare you for life. I want to take what I have learned and help others like myself or in similar situations get their health and hope back. Life is worth living when you’re functionally fit and can handle all that it throws at you! I would love to hear about your health challenges and create a  meal plan for you to reach your goals!