Meet the Trainers


Q: When did you first discover a passion for fitness?
A: I played sports all through my youth and grew up in a very active and healthy family.

Q: Describe your favorite workout:
A: I don’t have A favorite workout. I like variety! 
I definitely prefer challenging & intense workouts!! Adding the TRX has been great for all who have participated in the classes.

Q: What do you like most about working with members?
A: Our members are the best! They come in all ages & fitness levels, so they keep me on my toes. Also, they are all very kind & have made my time here at the JCC quite enjoyable.

Q: What’s your number one healthy diet/exercise tip?
A: “Diet” has such a negative feeling… I prefer to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Avoid processed/packaged foods and keep moving! 

Q: How would you encourage someone to stay motivated?
A: By stressing all the positives of healthy living… not focusing on “aesthetics” but on the medical benefits (lowers blood pressure, improves heart & lung function, prevents osteoporosis).