Spring into Healthy Eating by Jane McIntosh, MA, CNS

Just like the New Year, the coming of spring can inspire people to think about freshening up their diet. This “freshening” can mean everything from expensive detoxifying diets to liquid fasting. Tweaking your diet can indeed be a good thing; however, some nutrition experts believe that many chosen methods may be unnecessary.

To Pay…

In addition to detoxifying your system, paying for one of these diets can also wipe everything from your bank account. Although a “detox” may be alluring, these types of diets are not scientifically proven. Any time a person changes their dietary habits from poor to better choices, it’s natural to feel better and for the functions of the body to improve.

Or, Not To Pay? The Au Naturale Way

The body has an amazing detoxification system of its own that relies on your organs, cells, tissues and lymphatic system. The liver and kidneys filter impurities from the body as part of their normal functionality. Take care of these systems and enjoy the benefits of a natural body detox!

Tips for Enhancing your Body’s Natural Detox Function:

  • Choosing foods that are in their most natural state will give you the most benefits. This gives the body and organs a break from having to process and filter artificial ingredients and added sugars.
  • Upon waking in the morning, squeeze a lemon in a glass of warm water and enjoy on an empty stomach. Lemon adds taste and Vitamin C.
  • Drinking water helps to flush impurities through your system. Speaking of water, fruits and vegetables have naturally high water content.

Take a “Spring Challenge” of your own – instead of ”detoxifying,” try instead to think in terms of clean eating more often. Stock your fridge with lemon to add to water that you’re drinking, and while you’re at it, give the not-so-clean items the spring cleaning treatment!

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