If you don’t regularly visit a exercise facility in Tulsa that has squash courts, you may forget that it exists entirely. That is quite unfortunate, as squash has actually been dubbed the world’s healthiest sport! Fitness experts cite its inclusivity along with its full body and heart health benefits as the reasons that it is the perfect combination for a workout.

Here are the top five reasons that squash players are among some of the healthiest people:

Squash Targets Your Major Muscle Groups

Any fitness expert, or even amateur, will tell you that a good workout will exercise all of your muscle groups. With this sport, it’s no secret you get a great workout for your arms. Use of the racket alone strengthens arm muscles but also contributes to the fitness of your wrists and back muscles through the compound movement that is needed. If your gym has a squash court, you can also work out your leg muscles through the short sprinting movements that are needed to play the game.

Squash is a Great Workout for Heart Health

Heart fitness is one of the most important things to focus on, no matter your age. That’s why it doesn’t matter if you’re going to the gym, working out at home, or playing a sport for your health – you know that cardio is key. Racket sports have been proven by the University of Rochester to reduce the risk of heart complications and lower blood pressure, even at just three hours per week. Of course, like any type of cardio, it is important to take rest breaks. When playing squash, incorporate brief breaks every so often, no more than a minute or two.

Squash Works out the Mind

One of the biggest advantages of this sport is that it involves strategy – a workout for the brain that you can’t get from any gym equipment. The game demands a high amount of focus that can improve concentration in all areas of life, and the strategy needed can help with problem-solving.

You Can Play Squash Year Round

While it’s true you can go to the gym and use its equipment year round, this routine can become dull and lifeless to some. The combination of the full-body workout and the mind stimulation that is offered by squash is not quite the case with all indoor sports. It’s difficult to dedicate yourself to fitness during the harsh winter climate, so having a gym with squash facilities can be a true lifesaver.

Anyone Can Play Squash!

One of the greatest advantages of squash as a year-round activity is that it is very inclusive. Players of all ages can reap its many rewards. Not only that, it is very easy to pick it; admittedly, a little more difficult to truly master. No matter the player’s skill level, age, or even size, the game can be modified in many ways to suit all kinds, giving anyone access to a great fitness routine. Even children can benefit from playing squash, along with helping improve their eyesight, motor skills, and even sociability. #SquashCourtsTulsa

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