As temperatures begin to drop, outdoor activities become less and less probable. If you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you know that chillier temperatures can have a huge impact on your fitness level — but only if you let them. We all know regular exercise is important, but unfortunately, we also have a tendency to neglect our physical health when the weather is less than encouraging. Not only does this habit affect our short-term well-being, but it also lends itself to the development of chronic, debilitating conditions later in life. 

Regular exercise carries a host of health benefits, including mood improvement, increased energy levels, improved sleep quality, better body composition, improved bone density and reduced risk of chronic disease, just to name a few. In fact, research has demonstrated that individuals who practice a regular exercise program significantly reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease — the number one cause of death in the United States. So, rather than snuggle up on the couch with your favorite TV show and a nice, warm blanket, get to the gym and get a good workout!

What We Offer at JCC Tulsa Gym and Fitness Center

At our Tulsa, Oklahoma gym, you’ll find a wide variety of equipment and classes suited to any age and performance level. Whether you prefer to tackle your training solo, or you enjoy the encouragement and camaraderie of group classes, we have something for everyone. We pride ourselves on our welcoming, inclusive atmosphere and our knowledgeable, compassionate trainers who will guide you through your fitness journey every step of the way. If you’ve avoided working out due to intimidation or boredom, pay us a visit, and let us help you change your mind. We’d love to get you started on the path to transforming your health and becoming your best you!


Kendo, one of many forms of traditional Japanese martial arts, has recently enjoyed a rise in popularity here in the United States. A descendant of traditional swordsmanship, Kendo, also known as Japanese fencing, uses bamboo swords to perform traditional fencing movements. As an exercise, Kendo trains both the body and mind, lending itself nicely to both physical and mental transformation. Stamina, accuracy, coordination and perception are all challenged during this comprehensive style of martial arts training. 

Instructors Michael Lindsay Sensei (4th dan), and Shaw Furukawa Sensei (4th dan) provide training in the art of Kendo under direct sponsorship from the Shi Ku Kai Dojo in Kanagawa, Japan. The goal of the Tulsa Kendo dojo is to provide Kendo education to all individuals in the Tulsa metropolitan area who are interested in learning more about this traditional Japanese art form.


If you enjoy one-on-one sports, pickleball is a great way to improve your stamina. As one of the fastest-growing sports in the country, pickleball has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity — and there’s no question as to why. Similar to tennis, pickleball makes use of a court, ball, and racquets, but does away with the formal counting and extensive running required by the former.

Instead, pickleball uses only the first four quadrants of the court, Wiffle balls, wooden paddles, and a slightly modified net, bearing a striking resemblance to the ever-popular game of ping pong. This fast-paced sport is perfect for all ages and skill levels and can be played either as a doubles or singles game. 

Squash Courts

If you like a super fast-paced game, squash should be right up your alley. Dubbed one of the “healthiest sports” in the world by Forbes magazine, squash gives you a complete full-body workout in just 45 minutes. Due to its highly aerobic nature and extremely fast pace, squash not only challenges physical endurance, but your mental coordination as well. Strikingly similar to racquetball, squash is played in a small, four-walled court using a slightly larger racket and a hollow, rather than solid, rubber ball.

Aqua Aerobics

When it comes to low-impact exercise, almost nothing compares to the gentle nature of aqua aerobics. Because aqua aerobics takes place in water, it is gentle on your joints, while providing mild to moderate resistance for your muscles. Appropriate for all ages, this gentle, yet effective workout helps raise your aerobic threshold while eliminating the chance for falls and subsequent injuries.

Stretching and Aerobics

If you’re exercising at the gym regularly, stretching should be a staple in your routine. Stretching is essential both before and after your training session to help ensure both safety and proper recovery. When you train, your muscle fibers shorten to accommodate the load placed on them during exercise. Stretching helps to re-lengthen your muscle fibers while improving blood flow and nutrient uptake. Since muscles require adequate nutrients for proper recover, stretching can help deliver those nutrients to sore, tired muscles more efficiently.

Aerobics classes, on the other hand, work to raise your heart rate into the target range for fat burning. For individuals who are less-than-thrilled with the idea of plodding away on the treadmill or other cardio machines, aerobics classes are a great, low-impact way to get your heart rate up and burn excess body fat. 

Cardio Kickboxing

This intense cardio workout is designed to get your heart rate up and keep it there for the duration of the class. Employing moves from traditional kickboxing matches, cardio kickboxing teaches both endurance and coordination, while revving your metabolism into high gear. A heart-pounding spinoff of traditional martial arts training, cardio kickboxing does not involve any actual combat. Rather, class participants learn several foundational martial arts movements, including defensive moves, kicks, stances, and striking. A typical cardio kickboxing workout torches 350 to 450 calories each time you visit the gym. 

Burn and Sculpt

Burn and sculpt classes combine the fat-burning capabilities of aerobic training with the muscle-sculpting benefits of weight lifting. Participants perform a planned series of exercises designed to increase heart rate, tone muscles and sculpt the entire body. If you’re new to weight lifting and need guidance on proper form, burn and sculpt classes are a perfect choice. Instructors offer ongoing feedback on form, while safely guiding participants through exercises designed to increase both aerobic capacity and muscular strength and endurance.

TRX Bootcamp

If you’re looking to try a newer style of training, TRX Bootcamp may be for you. This revolutionary training system employs the weight of your own body to provide resistance during each exercise. Total-Body Resistance Exercise, more commonly referred to as TRX, uses handgrips attached to long bands which are anchored to a set point. Using these bands, class participants can strengthen literally any muscle in the body using their own weight. Because TRX Bootcamp does not involve the use of free weights, it is gentler on the joints, making it a great alternative to traditional weight lifting or machine exercises.

TRX Core and Conditioning

Like TRX Bootcamp, TRX Core and Conditioning classes utilize Total-Body Resistance Exercise to strengthen and condition a variety of muscle groups. TRX Core and Conditioning focuses heavily on building core strength, while also improving cardio conditioning. Participants cycle through a series of abdominal exercises designed to target the trunk and improve overall strength and stability. Because a strong core is the foundation for a strong body, this class can benefit anyone looking to gain strength and improve overall body composition. 

Circuit Training

This style of training is perfect for those who don’t have a ton of time to spend in the gym, but who still want a challenging workout. Circuit training keeps your heart rate elevated while you move through a series of both aerobic and strength training exercises. You’ll perform each exercise for a set duration, and after completion, you’ll transition directly into the next exercise in the series. When you’ve completed all exercises in the circuit, you’ll return to the beginning and do it again! Depending on the intensity with which you approach this style of training, you can burn up to 10 calories per minute!

Fitness Mix

If you like switching up your daily workouts, Fitness Mix classes are a perfect choice. Commonly referred to as “hybrid” fitness, this class combines low-impact aerobics with a variety of movements designed to strengthen muscles and improve coordination. Because classes are designed to cater to those looking for a more low-impact style workout, this group class is perfect for anyone looking to burn fat and improve overall body composition. 

Muscular Endurance

If you’re looking to improve overall strength and athleticism, Muscular Endurance classes are a great choice. These classes make use of moderate loads and repetition schemes designed to tax your muscles without causing burnout. Muscular endurance is a critical component of overall fitness and is especially important for those pursuing any type of sports activity. Regular muscular endurance training encourages muscular adaptations that allow you to perform better, longer. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an athlete looking to improve your game, Muscular Endurance classes can help you achieve your strength and performance goals.


Spinning is widely regarded as one of the best calorie-burning exercises around, and it’s no wonder why. In a typical class, you can burn anywhere from 400 to 600 calories! On your own, it’s difficult to push past your comfort level, but in a class setting, both your instructor and fellow participants motivate and push you to achieve your absolute best. 

Spinning combines high-intensity, high-resistance work intervals, with low-intensity, low-resistance recovery periods. This style of training, also known as high-intensity interval training, works to help you burn additional calories, even after your workout has ended. Spin classes are a fantastic choice for anyone looking to improve their aerobic capacity and shed unwanted body fat.

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